[CRISP-TEAM] Future Status of the CRISP Team [Feedback: by 5/12]

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Mon May 2 11:37:31 CEST 2016

Dear CRISP Team,

We would like to consult you about the status of the CRISP Team.
The NRO EC chair reached out to the CRISP team chairs last week, to discuss the status of the CRISP Team. The NRO EC believes the current status of the CRISP team is unclear at the moment, and needs to be clarified.

Their observation is that with the SLA finalised, there is most likely no foreseeable concrete work needed by the CRISP Team in the future.

We agreed that there will be almost no activity for the CRISP team between now and the expected completion of the transition in Sep. However, as there are still implementation steps waiting to be completed, in the unlikely event of input needed from the community, there needs to be a clarity on how that is handled.

We discussed two scenarios:

1. The CRISP Team reduces all activity to 0, and becomes dormant. In the event of community input on the IANA transition needed before September, the CRISP team will reactivate and respond within its charter. If there are no such events, until it will formally resolve upon the completion of the transition. We have discussed it in the CRISP Team and this is not a new idea.

2. The CRISP team closes down officially immediately without waiting for the transition to be completed. If an event arises that requires community input before the completion of the IANA transition, the NRO EC will create a new CRISP team (CRISP 2.0), which will respond on behalf of the community. This is an idea shared by the NRO EC Chair.

The chairs discussed this among ourselves after our conversation with the NRO EC chair. We both feel that there is better clarity and continuity, if the CRISP team remains open, but dormant unless called upon, until the completion of the transition. While we don’t believe it is very likely that the CRISP team is called upon to act between now and September, we also see very little cost in keeping it open, but dormant. In our view, a potential new CRISP 2.0 introduces new ambiguity at the very final stages of this process.

However as we have done with every step of this process, we would like to consult the whole team on this issue. We welcome any inputs online/at the call from you before Thu 12th May.

Hence, we would like to suggest to move the next CRISP Team call to either:

 -  Mon 9th May  UTC1300 or
 -  Tue 10th May UTC1300

(Instead of 25th May as our next regular call, which is during RIPE 67)

*If you are unavailable on either of the dates (or both), please let us know.*
We'll decide the date of the next CRISP call by 4th May, based on number of available members.

Nurani & Izumi

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