[CRISP-TEAM] Draft mail: CRISP Team review of the Updated 4th Draft SLA for the IANA Numbering Services

Nurani Nimpuno nurani at netnod.se
Wed Mar 2 13:04:31 CET 2016

Dear CRISP team colleagues,

Thank you all for your input on the 4th draft SLA. 

Please find below the draft mail to the global ianaxfer at nro.net list, summarising the CRISP team’s review of the latest draft SLA for the IANA Numbering Services.

We ask for your feedback on this mail, and hope 36 hours is sufficient amount of time for your review. 

Could we ask you to provide your feedback or any comments you may have before 3 March 23:59? 

Thanks and kind regards,

Izumi and Nurani

Dear Colleagues,

The CRISP Team has reviewed the Updated 4th Draft SLA for the IANA Numbering Services.

Updated 4th Draft SLA for the IANA Numbering Services

Firstly, we would like to thank both ICANN and RIRs for sharing all comments and updates on the SLA from its Third Draft in a continued transparent manner with Internet number community. It is our expectation that the completion of this SLA will continue to take place in such a transparent and open manner. 

We observe that the 4th Draft SLA is consistent with the number community proposal and we support the comments made by RIR staff in working towards a final SLA document, addressing the feedback received from ICANN.
We have primarily reviewed whether the SLA sufficiently covers the following four key elements of the number community proposal.

* Service level requirements of the IANA Numbering Services are clearly defined to meet the expectations of the RIRs and the Internet numbers community
* The RIRs, and the Internet number Community through the Review Committee are able to conduct review of the service level, to ensure the service level is met in accordance with the SLA
* The RIRs have the ability to terminate the SLA, while at the same time ensuring the stability of the IANA Numbering Services, in accordance with the number community proposal
* The IPR and rights over data are transferred, in accordance with the number community proposal

In particular, we support the NRO revisions numbered below, which are required to ensure consistency with the CRISP proposal. The previously proposed text, without the NRO revisions addressing ICANN’s feedback, would be inconsistent with the number community proposal as well as the final ICG proposal, and therefore not acceptable to the Internet number community.


Source 15: 8.1- Periodic Review
Source 16: 8.2- Cooperation with review
Source 17: 9- Failure to Perform
Source 20: 10.3 Right not to renew
Source 24: 11.1 - Submission of a plan  (* The RIR Lawyer Comment says 11.2.1 - could it be a typo?)
Source 35: 11.2 - Transition to Successor Operator
Source 26: 12.1 - Assignment of IPR and rights to Data 

In addition, we wish to remind the community that the SLA provides the Internet number community with its required accountability measures, which are clearly represented within the number community proposal; and it is therefore essential to the CRISP support for the IANA transition plan. 

The SLA will have no effect until the transition actually takes place on 30 September 2016, however it must be considered as an essential commitment along with other improvements to ICANN’s accountability. In particular the SLA should be executed or otherwise guaranteed, no later than the execution of changes to the ICANN Bylaws which have been specified by CCWG-accountability.

The CRISP team wishes to express our concern about the lateness of the comments on the SLA made by ICANN, close to four months after the latest published version of the SLA by the RIRs.

We would like to strongly request both ICANN and RIRs to work swiftly on providing additional inputs if any, so that the accountability measures needed for the Internet number community, can be put into place according to the schedule as described above. We trust that ICANN and RIRs continue to work constructively and transparently to finalise an SLA that respects the wishes of the number community.

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