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Janvier NGNOULAYE jnoulaye at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 06:51:45 CEST 2016

Thank you Izumi,
>This is now under legal review by each operational communities.
Is there any timeline set ?

2016-06-10 0:04 GMT+01:00 Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp>:

> Dear CRISP Team,
> Once again, it's excellent news to confirm the NTIA's assessment report
> published.
> With the finalised SLA and the Review Committee Charter, the remaining
> implementation to be addressed on the transition proposal for IANA
> Numbering Services is IPR related to the provision of the IANA service.
> We would like to share the current status on IPR with some recent
> developments.
> As we had updated the CRISP Team both on this list and at the CRISP Team
> call, we have handed over the responsibility on coordinating and preparing
> implementation for IPR from the CRISP Team to the RIRs in Jan 2016.
> Based on this, CRISP Chairs have been observing the progress as below.
> The leaders from the three operational communities have developed and
> agreed on the principal terms of the legal document on IPR related to the
> provision of the IANA service.
> The draft has been shared by Alan Barrett from the NRO EC on the global
> ianaxfer list in Feb 2016:
> https://www.nro.net/pipermail/ianaxfer/2016-February/000728.html
> This is now under legal review by each operational communities.
>  IETF          : The IETF Trust has In the The Trust has determined that
> it could proceed with negotiating the relevant agreements to implement the
> transfer of the IPR according to the principles in the document
>  ICANN CWG-IANA: Legal review received from the lawyers and shared on the
> CWG mailing list
>  RIRs          : Waiting for legal review to be completed by the RIR
> lawyers
> Further, the CWG Chairs have invited other communities to share legal
> reviews from respective lawyers, and there is a meeting suggested next
> week, among the group of leaders on the IANA IPR group from each
> operational communities.
> In moving forward, we would like to request that the CWG and RIRs are able
> to approve the principal terms document smoothly with clarity on the date,
> to move to the next phase of developing the contracts between the IETF
> Trust and each operational communities respectively. Additionally, we would
> like to confirm the timelines for these implementation steps for IPR, in
> order to complete the implementation including IPR before the expiry of the
> IANA contract in Sep 2016.
> Please let us know if you have any questions, and welcome any additional
> information if there is anything which can be shared on this list from the
> RIR legal team.
> Nurani & Izumi
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