[CRISP-TEAM] The CRISP Team's role during the IANA Transition implementation phase

Craig Ng craig at apnic.net
Wed Jan 27 04:59:18 CET 2016

Dear Nurani and Izumi

I agree with the approach, with a huge gratitude for yours and Izumi's
unbounded energy and enthusiasm in driving the remaining issues thus far.
Thank you very much!


On 27/01/2016, 7:23 AM, "crisp-bounces at nro.net on behalf of Nurani
Nimpuno" <crisp-bounces at nro.net on behalf of nurani at netnod.se> wrote:

>Dear CRISP Team,
>As Izumi shared with you last week, we have now handed over the
>responsibility of further IPR work to the RIRs.
>We note that the IPR issue was the only remaining issue from the
>consolidated ICG proposal which still needed to be resolved between the
>three operational communities, and where the CRISP team felt it still had
>a role to represent the views of the number community.
>With that final issue resolved, we believe that we will now move into a
>phase of implementation, which should be driven by the RIRs, and not the
>CRISP team. 
>As you know, the three operational communities are forming a coordination
>group to help coordinate the implementation work between now and
>September. We propose that the CRISP team takes on an observer role in
>this group. The CRISP team will merely observe the process to ensure
>consistency with the proposal, and continue to make itself available to
>answer questions or provide clarifications as needed. Izumi and I will
>represent the CRISP team in this group and report back to the CRISP Team
>through our regular calls.
>The coordination calls and its minutes will also be made public and open
>to everyone. 
>As we foresee minimal work for the CRISP team from now on, we also
>propose that we scale back our regular conferences calls to once a month.
>If the CRISP team agrees, we will go ahead and announce this to the
>global list. 
>As this is a shift in the CRISP team¹s role, we would appreciate if you
>could all explicitly express your views on this.
>Kind regards,
>Izumi & Nurani
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>> From: Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp>
>> Subject: [CRISP-TEAM] Update on the IRP Status
>> Date: 21 januari 2016 17:25:55 CET
>> To: "crisp at nro.net" <crisp at nro.net>
>> Dear CRISP Team,
>> I am pleased to report to you that Nurani and I have handed over the
>>responsibility of further work on IPR to the RIRs.
>> The CWG has temporary agreed to work based on functional neutrality (no
>>need for structural neutrality) and to work based on the IETF Trust as
>>the holder, we have entered into the phase of discussing Principle Terms
>>of the contracts among the three OCs.
>> I would like to make an announcement to the global ianaxfer list after
>>the CWG confirms the above agreement on IPR at their next call on 21st.
>> I am at a conference right now and may not be able to work on a draft
>>so quickly but will do so as soon as I can, to be shared within Monday
>>at the latest (but hope to be earlier).
>> We also an IPR Coordination call among the three OCs (20th Jan UTC2100):
>> - We shared this hand over of responsibility from the CRISP Team to the
>> - Identified issues on the the Principal Terms which needs further
>>coordination, and
>> - Agreed the schedule on how we work in the coming three weeks.
>> I'll share the notes once confirmed by other participants.
>> Nurani, please feel free to add anything else.
>> Izumi
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