[CRISP-TEAM] IPR: Invitation for the CRISP Chairs to join the next CWG call

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Mon Jan 11 09:52:27 CET 2016

Thank you, Izumi. I second what John said.


Sweeting, John wrote on 09/01/16 00:33:
> Hi Izumi,
> I think this is very well thought out and presented. I feel it represents
> what we discussed on the call last week and I fully support your course of
> action as outlined.
> Thanks,
> John
> On 1/8/16, 3:28 AM, "crisp-bounces at nro.net on behalf of Izumi Okutani"
> <crisp-bounces at nro.net on behalf of izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
>> Dear CRISP Team,
>> We had a coordination call among the OCs leaders on IPR on 7th Jan,
>> UTC2200.
>> I'm now circulating my rough notes among the participants and once fixed,
>> I plan to share it with the CRISP Team next Tuesday.
>> At the call, the CRISP Chairs were invited to join the next CWG call(12th
>> Jan UTC1600-1800) to share the CRISP feedback on the IPR principles.
>> The CWG will then have discussions on whether they agree with the CRISP
>> feedback and three questions I had raised to the OCs leaders on whether:
>> 1) We can agree that the IPR high level principles should be based on
>> what is described in the ICG proposal and should not divert from this
>> 2) You agree with what has been listed to be consistent with the CRISP
>> IPR principles, out of the bullets listed in the CWG IPR DT document.
>>    Out of the bullets in the CWG IPR DT document, anything we have
>> missed to incorporate, what is consistent? Anything we have put as
>> consistent, when it is not?
>> 3) Once we complete 2), can we agree those principles as commonly agreed
>> high level principles among the three OCs?
>> I would like to accept this invitation with a note that:
>> - The participation from the CRISP Chairs are based on the role to share
>> the concept behind the CRISP feedback on IPR and to clarify any questions
>>from the CWG.
>> - Coordination of feedback from the CWG and with those of the CRISP Team
>> is to take place in the discussions among the leaders of the OCs and not
>> at the CWG call.
>> - CWG call is for the CWG members to have discussions from the names
>> community perspective. We do not intend to join the discussions by the
>> CWG other than clarifications of the CRISP Team's feedback.
>>   Therefore, sharing no opinions from the CRISP Chairs in the CWG
>> discussions should not be interpreted as the CRISP Chairs agreeing to the
>> CWG discussions.
>> As long as the above points are acknowledged, I think it would be a good
>> opportunity to share the idea behind the CRISP feedback directly with the
>> CWG members, for their better understanding and further discussions.
>> I plan to get back to the CWG Co-Chairs on Mon 11th Jan. Please let me
>> know if you have any comments by Mon UTC 0800.
>> (As a side issue, UTC1600-1800 is slightly challenging time for me as
>> it's JST0100-0300. I'll coordinate with Nurani on who can join the call.)
>> Izumi
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