[CRISP-TEAM] IPR: Invitation for the CRISP Chairs to join the next CWG call

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Jan 8 09:28:50 CET 2016

Dear CRISP Team,

We had a coordination call among the OCs leaders on IPR on 7th Jan, UTC2200.
I'm now circulating my rough notes among the participants and once fixed, I plan to share it with the CRISP Team next Tuesday. 

At the call, the CRISP Chairs were invited to join the next CWG call(12th Jan UTC1600-1800) to share the CRISP feedback on the IPR principles.
The CWG will then have discussions on whether they agree with the CRISP feedback and three questions I had raised to the OCs leaders on whether:

 1) We can agree that the IPR high level principles should be based on what is described in the ICG proposal and should not divert from this

 2) You agree with what has been listed to be consistent with the CRISP IPR principles, out of the bullets listed in the CWG IPR DT document.
    Out of the bullets in the CWG IPR DT document, anything we have missed to incorporate, what is consistent? Anything we have put as consistent, when it is not? 

 3) Once we complete 2), can we agree those principles as commonly agreed high level principles among the three OCs?

I would like to accept this invitation with a note that:

 - The participation from the CRISP Chairs are based on the role to share the concept behind the CRISP feedback on IPR and to clarify any questions from the CWG.
 - Coordination of feedback from the CWG and with those of the CRISP Team is to take place in the discussions among the leaders of the OCs and not at the CWG call.
 - CWG call is for the CWG members to have discussions from the names community perspective. We do not intend to join the discussions by the CWG other than clarifications of the CRISP Team's feedback. 
   Therefore, sharing no opinions from the CRISP Chairs in the CWG discussions should not be interpreted as the CRISP Chairs agreeing to the CWG discussions.

As long as the above points are acknowledged, I think it would be a good opportunity to share the idea behind the CRISP feedback directly with the CWG members, for their better understanding and further discussions.

I plan to get back to the CWG Co-Chairs on Mon 11th Jan. Please let me know if you have any comments by Mon UTC 0800.

(As a side issue, UTC1600-1800 is slightly challenging time for me as it's JST0100-0300. I'll coordinate with Nurani on who can join the call.)


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