[CRISP-TEAM] IPR update and request for feedback: 29th Dec

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Mon Jan 4 10:56:32 CET 2016

Hi Izumi,

First of all - all the best wishes for the new 2016 to you and all the
CRISP team!

Thank you very much for the thoughtful review and notes. My comment is
related to the first point "Principles and Requirements".

Izumi Okutani wrote on 24/12/15 17:22:
> Note: For I.1.a., I observe consistency with the CRISP IPR principles, *if* this is the principle to be applied in case we agree to set up a new Trust. I observe possible inconsistency with the CRISP IPR principles if this is set as the minimum requirement (I also categorised I.1.a. under "c) Principles which would/may not be consistent with the CRISP IPR principles" for this reason, in case of based on the latter assumption)

I completely agree with you. I do not think the requirements in the
DT-IPR Draft are necessarily conflicting with the CRISP proposal, but
they are definitely excessive. And I think this is a problem that may
make the implementation unfeasible.

I think if we want a pragmatic and workable outcome we need to go back
to the combined ICG proposal and look for the requirements there. What I
see there is:
- "entity independent of the IANA Numbering Services Operator", and
- "these assets are used in a non-discriminatory manner for the benefit
of the entire community".

I do not see a reason to go beyond these simple points.



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