[CRISP-TEAM] [NRO-IANAXFER] CRISP Meeting on Thursday September 24th 2015 at 13:00 UTC

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Fri Sep 25 12:26:10 CEST 2015

Izumi Okutani wrote on 25/09/15 09:33:
> Let me know if anyone has concerns about this approach.

Izumi, as I explained in my previous mail, I am concerned that deferring
a decision on this issue undermines the numbers proposal.

The communities have come very close to the agreement as far as I
understand. Taking our foot off the accelerator now would mean that we
either will have to start over again, or, most probably, not resolve the
issue at all.

The problem is that possible negative consequences of such situation
will appear only when (and if) the numbers community decide to change
the IFO, not immediately. That means that after the transition there
will be very little appetite to resolve it.


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