[CRISP-TEAM] [NRO-IANAXFER] CRISP Meeting on Thursday September 24th 2015 at 13:00 UTC

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Thu Sep 24 17:20:20 CEST 2015

Hi Izumi, all

Izumi Okutani wrote on 24/09/15 16:55:
> 1. Feedback requested for the Implementation Action items for ICG submission [Before UTC13:00 25th Sep]
>    https://www.nro.net/pipermail/crisp/2015-September/002248.html
>    Question:
>    Do you agree that IPR principles, agreed by all operational communities must be completed during the implementation before expiry of the NTIA contract but other IPR details can be agreed post-transition, including a specific 
>    organization as the holder of the IPR?
>     i.e., It is not a must to agree whether the IETF Trust or any other specific entity will be the holder of the IPR pre-transition. 
>           This can continue to be discussed post-transition, in case no consensus is reached by the operational communities, in the meantime ICANN holds the IPR.

I disagree.

I do not see why we would treat the IPR other than other items, like the
SLA. For the latter we want it to be agreed and probably even signed
before the transition.

To me, deferring the decision on these details, and specifically - on
the organization-holder and the license agreement, does not make much
sense. These have to be sorted out before the transition, IMO.


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