[CRISP-TEAM] [Feedback before UTC13:00 25th Sep] Implementation Action items for ICG submission

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Sep 24 12:16:19 CEST 2015


The ICG has requested the number community to help them pull together the Inventory of Implementation Action items. 
Nurani and I have drafted a list of action items for implementation. 

Since implementation of the proposal is the responsibility of the RIRs/NRO , I have requested for feedback from the NRO EC by UTC13:00 tomorrow, Fri 25th Sep.
This will then be submitted to the ICG, for them to compile action items from all operational communities.

If you have any comments, I welcome your feedback before the same time as the NRO EC (UTC13:00 25th Sep).
I would also like to discuss it at the coming CRISP call.

Action Items to be submittted to the ICG

 a) Action Item description (and Combined Proposal paragraph reference (or other reference?)):

 b) Indicate whether the item needs to be done:
	- before the proposal goes to the NTIA, or
	- during implementation (before contract expiry)

 c) Group/organization responsible for the action item

 d) Indicate dependencies, if any


a) Action Item description

[Action Items from the number community proposal]

1. Contract/SLA between RIRs and ICANN
    Based on Section P2.III.A.3. Service Level Agreement with the IANA Numbering Services Operator of the combine proposal, develop and finalise SLA to be exchanged between RIRs and ICANN, to be signed by both parties.

    i.   First draft (done)
    ii.  Second draft (done)
    iii. Negotiations (started)
    iv.  Final version
    v.   Signature - ICANN and the five RIRs

2. Review Committee for IANA Numbers Functions
   Based on Section P2.III.A.4. Establishment of a Review Committee, set up the Review Committee and complete appointment of its members.

   i.   NRO to finalise charter (done)
   ii.  Each RIR to finalise detailed appointment methods
   iii. Each RIR to appoint members

3. IPR
  Based on Section P2.III.A.2. IPR related to the provision of the IANA services remains with the community, identify the holder of IPR and exchange appropriate agreements by the parties involved.

   i.   All OCs to agree on the principles for the holder of IPR
   ii.  All OCs to agree on the holder of IPR
   iii. New organisation to be set up, or changes to how IETF Trust works, if necessary
   iv.  Agreements between operational communities and IPR holder
   v.   Agreement between IPR holder and IANA functions operator

4. Further considerations to support continuation to uphold the NTIA criteria in the future (Q.10 from the ICG)
   i. Consider additional actions if needed

[Action Items from other operational communities' proposal]
5. PTI
   i. Ensure PTI to be established is consistent with the number community has agreed to the names proposal

b) Timing for the actions to be completed 
   All actions are to be done during implementation (before contract expiry) except:

   - Action item 4. needs to be completed before the proposal goes to the NTIA
   - For IPR, "i. All OCs to agree on the principles for the holder of IPR" is to be completed during implementation (before contract expiry) 
     (For all other actions (ii.-v.) for IPR listed, it is not a must to complete them before the contract expiry)

c) Group/organization responsible for the action items
  -  RIRs are responsible for preparing implemenation for all items
  - The CRISP Team is responsible for ensuring the implementation is consistent with the number community proposal
  - The CRISP Team coordinates with RIRs on IPR for "All OCs to agree on the holder of IPR"

d) Indicate dependencies, if any
  - Action items listed in 3. IPR require coordination with the protocol parameters and the names communities.


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