[CRISP-TEAM] Next CRISP call: This week or next week?

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Tue Oct 27 09:03:39 CET 2015

Thank you Janvier for the feedback. That's helpful to know.
I'll see if there are any other comments until UTC14:00.

If no one expresses the need for the call this week by then, we'll have a regular call on Thu 5th Nov.


On 2015/10/27 16:27, Janvier Noulaye wrote:
> Dear Izumi
> Your short recap is enough informative and it describes  he current state
> of the transition process. So for me, it will be better to wait the regular
> meeting on 5th november, as others suggested.
> Thank you again for this brief recap.
> Warm regards,
> Janvier Ngnoulaye
> 2015-10-27 0:20 GMT+01:00 Izumi_Okutani <izumiokutani at yahoo.co.jp>:
>> Hi Andrei,
>> Thanks for your feedback. Indeed that would naturally be of an interest
>> for those who weren't in Dublin.
>> I personally didn't observe any issues which needs discussions within the
>> CRISP Team soon but welcome to hear any comments from others who were there
>> who may think differently.
>> Thanks John for your comment you think we can wait.
>> As a short recap -
>> At ICANN 54, the biggest focus of our attention was the progress in the
>> CCWG, on how it could affect the timelines and the transition.
>> As described in Nurani's post last week, we observed sufficient progress
>> in the CCWG by the end of the meeting, including challenging issues such as
>> the choice of an implementation model. It was a big progress given the
>> situation they were facing before Dublin.The current timeline for the
>> CCWG's submission to the NTIA is late January, which is still within the
>> timeframe NTIA is able to accommodate.
>> It is a few months a head from now since they have to go through another
>> public comment with approval from the SOs and ACs within ICANN.
>> I wouldn't say all issues are resolved, but we have clearly expressed the
>> need to keep the timelines both at the general engagement session and at
>> the working session of the CCWG. It is acknowledged by the Chairs and they
>> have come up with creative and pragmatic timelines for moving forward as
>> much as possible, give the need to follow the process defined within
>> ICANN's WG and its charter.
>> The ICG was very smooth, we expect them to get back to us to hear our
>> input on the role of the ICG post- proposal submission. The initially
>> planned ICG engagement session finished early without any discussions for
>> the participants. This probably shows how smooth it was on the proposal
>> itself :)
>> The NTIA has made it clear that they expect the ICG and the CCWG to be
>> submitted at the same time. The NTIA is familiar with the proposals and
>> have been following up the discussions. Therefore, they would not see the
>> proposals from scratch as something completely new to them in January.
>> In addition, Nurani and I met up with the other OCs leaders (protocols and
>> names) and the implementation team of ICANN. It was basically introductory
>> and no decisions made. On the IPR we shared the principles and that we
>> observe no inconsistency with those principles as the approach shared on
>> the IANAPLAN.
>> The CWG has not yet started discussions.
>> We expect to have a follow up call this week or next week to discuss how
>> the OCs coordinate together with ICANN when they are involved, on the
>> implementation of the transition as a whole, not just for the numbers.
>> Especially on IPR we need coordination among the three OCs of course. The
>> CRISP Team's role is expected to focus on clarifying the intention of the
>> proposal, as we have always done, and the implementation details are to be
>> considered by the RIRs.
>> That is pretty much an overview of key points at the meeting while there
>> are individual issues which are still being discussed in the CCWG .
>> Based on this, if Andrei or anyone else, especially those who were not in
>> Dublin see topics which you would like to further hear details verbally
>> /discuss this week rather than to wait until next week, please don't
>> hesitate to express it.
>> Others who were in Dublin are most welcome to share your observations ,
>> either here on the list or at the coming call.
>> Izumi
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>> 2015/10/27 0:27、Andrei Robachevsky <robachevsky at isoc.org> wrote:
>>> Hi Izumi,
>>> Izumi Okutani wrote on 26/10/15 16:15:
>>>> There is a recap from ICANN54 meeting, which can also wait until the
>> regular call next week.
>>> That would be the main thing I'd like to have a call this week. But if
>>> nothing substantively affecting the transition for numbers happened at
>>> ICANN I am happy to wait till Nov 5.
>>> Andrei
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