[CRISP-TEAM] Next CRISP call: This week or next week?

Janvier Noulaye jnoulaye at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 08:27:52 CET 2015

Dear Izumi
Your short recap is enough informative and it describes  he current state
of the transition process. So for me, it will be better to wait the regular
meeting on 5th november, as others suggested.
Thank you again for this brief recap.

Warm regards,
Janvier Ngnoulaye

2015-10-27 0:20 GMT+01:00 Izumi_Okutani <izumiokutani at yahoo.co.jp>:

> Hi Andrei,
> Thanks for your feedback. Indeed that would naturally be of an interest
> for those who weren't in Dublin.
> I personally didn't observe any issues which needs discussions within the
> CRISP Team soon but welcome to hear any comments from others who were there
> who may think differently.
> Thanks John for your comment you think we can wait.
> As a short recap -
> At ICANN 54, the biggest focus of our attention was the progress in the
> CCWG, on how it could affect the timelines and the transition.
> As described in Nurani's post last week, we observed sufficient progress
> in the CCWG by the end of the meeting, including challenging issues such as
> the choice of an implementation model. It was a big progress given the
> situation they were facing before Dublin.The current timeline for the
> CCWG's submission to the NTIA is late January, which is still within the
> timeframe NTIA is able to accommodate.
> It is a few months a head from now since they have to go through another
> public comment with approval from the SOs and ACs within ICANN.
> I wouldn't say all issues are resolved, but we have clearly expressed the
> need to keep the timelines both at the general engagement session and at
> the working session of the CCWG. It is acknowledged by the Chairs and they
> have come up with creative and pragmatic timelines for moving forward as
> much as possible, give the need to follow the process defined within
> ICANN's WG and its charter.
> The ICG was very smooth, we expect them to get back to us to hear our
> input on the role of the ICG post- proposal submission. The initially
> planned ICG engagement session finished early without any discussions for
> the participants. This probably shows how smooth it was on the proposal
> itself :)
> The NTIA has made it clear that they expect the ICG and the CCWG to be
> submitted at the same time. The NTIA is familiar with the proposals and
> have been following up the discussions. Therefore, they would not see the
> proposals from scratch as something completely new to them in January.
> In addition, Nurani and I met up with the other OCs leaders (protocols and
> names) and the implementation team of ICANN. It was basically introductory
> and no decisions made. On the IPR we shared the principles and that we
> observe no inconsistency with those principles as the approach shared on
> The CWG has not yet started discussions.
> We expect to have a follow up call this week or next week to discuss how
> the OCs coordinate together with ICANN when they are involved, on the
> implementation of the transition as a whole, not just for the numbers.
> Especially on IPR we need coordination among the three OCs of course. The
> CRISP Team's role is expected to focus on clarifying the intention of the
> proposal, as we have always done, and the implementation details are to be
> considered by the RIRs.
> That is pretty much an overview of key points at the meeting while there
> are individual issues which are still being discussed in the CCWG .
> Based on this, if Andrei or anyone else, especially those who were not in
> Dublin see topics which you would like to further hear details verbally
> /discuss this week rather than to wait until next week, please don't
> hesitate to express it.
> Others who were in Dublin are most welcome to share your observations ,
> either here on the list or at the coming call.
> Izumi
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> 2015/10/27 0:27、Andrei Robachevsky <robachevsky at isoc.org> wrote:
> > Hi Izumi,
> >
> > Izumi Okutani wrote on 26/10/15 16:15:
> >> There is a recap from ICANN54 meeting, which can also wait until the
> regular call next week.
> >
> > That would be the main thing I'd like to have a call this week. But if
> > nothing substantively affecting the transition for numbers happened at
> > ICANN I am happy to wait till Nov 5.
> >
> > Andrei
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