[CRISP-TEAM] Joint Statement by operational communities at the Public Forum at ICANN54

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Great statement, thanks Izumi!

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> CRISP Team,
> I'd like to share the joint statement we are making by the chairs of the three
> operational communities at the Public Forum today at ICANN54.
> It's basically saying we are committed to working together and collaborate
> including the IPR.
> Nurani and I will be standing up from the CRISP Team,  like wise for the
> chairs from the names and protocols.
> ---
> As part of the IANA Stewardship transition process, each Operational
> Community―protocol parameters, numbers, name―has been working to develop their
> proposals and to plan for the transition. But there are some areas where we
> have had to coordinate. For instance, the communities have worked on together
> in the area of IPR for IANA Trademark and "IANA.ORG" domain.
> I wanted to convey a message from the chairs [and leaders] from the names, the
> protocols and the numbers communities: we have collaborated and continue to
> collaborate to ensure the consistency of the transition effort.
> We are now nearing the implementation stage of the effort, and the three
> operational communities are committed to working together to develop an
> implementation plan based on our proposal for the IPR, and any other areas in
> the proposal which need coordination among the three operational communities.
> ---
> Izumi

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