[CRISP-TEAM] Joint Statement by operational communities at the Public Forum at ICANN54

奥谷 泉 izumiokutani at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Oct 22 15:19:28 CEST 2015


I'd like to share the joint statement we are making by the chairs of the three operational communities at the Public Forum today at ICANN54.
It's basically saying we are committed to working together and collaborate including the IPR.

Nurani and I will be standing up from the CRISP Team,  like wise for the chairs from the names and protocols.

As part of the IANA Stewardship transition process, each Operational Community—protocol parameters, numbers, name—has been working to develop their proposals and to plan for the transition. But there are some areas where we have had to coordinate. For instance, the communities have worked on together in the area of IPR for IANA Trademark and "IANA.ORG" domain.

I wanted to convey a message from the chairs [and leaders] from the names, the protocols and the numbers communities: we have collaborated and continue to collaborate to ensure the consistency of the transition effort.

We are now nearing the implementation stage of the effort, and the three operational communities are committed to working together to develop an implementation plan based on our proposal for the IPR, and any other areas in the proposal which need coordination among the three operational communities.

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