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Well done

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>Hi all,
>Please find below the text I used as a base for my statement in the
>Enhancing ICANN Accountability Engagement Session I today, on behalf of
>the number community.
>The text was drafted by Izumi and me, but I must admit I interpreted it
>very liberally at the microphone. :)
>Kind regards,
>Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Outreach & Communications, Netnod
><nurani at netnod.se>                   http://www.netnod.se
>>Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
>My name is Nurani Nimpuno, I am the vice chair of CRISP, the group
>representing the number community in the IANA Stewardship transition
>Thank you for this opportunity to engage in and contribute to the
>CCWG-Accountability work.
>We in the number community are encouraged to see the tremendous effort of
>the CCWG, in particular the progress made in the last week here in
>In this process, there has been a lot of focus on the different needs of
>the different operational communities, and the emphasis has often been on
>how different they are. But we are all one community, and we are all in
>this process together. We all depend on each other to achieve a
>successful transition of the IANA stewardship.
>As a longstanding member of the number community, I sympathise with, and
>support, the need for this part of the community to be empowered. This
>community is entitled to it.
>It is the right of this community, and it is also very much consistent
>with the values of bottom-up, community driven, decision-making model,
>that has fundamental in the Internet technical community. It is, what we
>in the broader Internet governance context, call the multistakeholder
>I have not personally been involved in the work of the
>CCWG-Accountability work. However drawing from my experience in the
>number community, while we often attempt to achieve "the perfect model",
>the focus should be on achieving sufficient community empowerment.
>Just like you, the number community has put in an enormous amount of
>time, efforts and commitment into this process. We are ready and we want
>to move forward. And just like you have the right to get a working,
>accountable governance model, the broader community has the right to
>achieve a timely and successful transition.
>As you move forward in this coming period, I urge you to be conscious of
>the broader needs of this community. This group has made enormous
>progress, especially in the last few days. Please don¹t lose that
>We are confident that all parts of the Internet community can achieve
>adequate empowerment. And we are confident that we together can achieve a
>successful transition of the IANA Stewardship. Now we just need to make
>it happen.
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