[CRISP-TEAM] The 3rd draft SLA: Whether it is consistent with the number community proposal [Until Fri 13th Nov]

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Nov 5 15:48:16 CET 2015


It would be good to be able to provide our observation per CRISP Team principles for the SLA, on the changes made from the 2nd draft.

1. Separation of Policy Development and Operational Roles
2. Description of Services Provided to RIRs
3. Obligation to Issue Reports on Transparency and Accountability
4. Security, Performance, and Audit Requirements
5. Review of the IANA Operations
6. Failure to Perform
7. Term and Termination
8. Continuity of Operations
9. Intellectual Property Rights and Rights Over Data
10. Resolution of Disputes
11. Fee

I call for your comments until Fri 13th Nov if there is any part you observe inconsistencies with the number community proposal.


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