[CRISP-TEAM] Draft Agenda for NRO EC-CRISP Call 29th May

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri May 29 04:23:26 CEST 2015

Hi Janvier,

Many thanks for your feedback on the agenda.

Good point about listing the factors. Certainly, we need to confirm the list of factors.
I think this would fit in nicely into 4b, on how exactly we prepare.

My current suggestion on this is, to have the CRISP and the RIRs list the factors together. 
Once we are done, we request the RIRs to come up with expected timeline. 
I welcome to hear any thoughts about this - on the ML or/and at the meeting with the NRO EC.

>From what I undersood, your comments were about the details of agenda elements so I shared the agenda to the NRO EC as it was.
If I misunderstood this and you actually did want any of them to be added on the agenda, please feel free to suggest to add, when we go through the agenda review at the meeting.

My comments inline - 

On 2015/05/29 1:28, Janvier Noulaye wrote:
> Hi Izumi,
> The draft agenda looks fine.
> I added my comments in brackets, It seems that some items needed
> clarifications.
> Regards,
> /Janvier Ngnoulaye
> 2015-05-28 14:24 GMT+01:00 Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp>:
>> CRISP Team,
>> Please see below the draft agenda for the NRO EC-CRISP Call tomorrow and
>> let me know if you have any feedback.
>> I am planning to share with the NRO EC today 28th May UTC23:00.
>> ----
>> 1. Agenda Review
>> 2. Role of the CRISP Team and RIRs in the SLA discussions
>>    a. Confirm understanding of the CRISP role
>> ​ (to specify the link with SLA discussion)​

This is the link for the call for the SLA discussions.
The NRO EC would know, as this has been prepared by the NRO with their approval.


>>    b. Announcement to the global list
>> ​ (what object to announce ?)​

We want to make sure that our community knows how their feedback on the ianaxfer list will be handled and incorporated.
We also want to communicate with them clearly what is the role of the RIRs, what is the role of the CRISP Team related to this.

>> 3. Confirm status of implementation
>>    a. Review Committee
>> ​ (review its charter ?)​

Yes, that would be expected at the next step I think, when the charter is ready.

We don't know about the status on this at all as the CRISP Team, so I would want to confirm the status of preparation, the expected timeline to be ready, with the NRO EC.

>>    b. Considerations about fallback mechanism
>>    c. Any other elements
>> ​ (assessment of each step of implementation)​

Would you be able to elaborate on this?

>> 4. Implementation Timeline and factors for consideration
>>    a. Confirm the background
>>    b. Confirm how to prepare and next steps until the ICG submission
> ​     (c. list of factors​
> ​)​

I agree and good point, as mentioned earlier.

Thanks Janvier for your comments.

>> 5. CWG proposal
>>    a. Analysis on contract with ICANN/PTI
>>    b. Confirm timeline for the analysis
>> ​​
>> 6. Future communication between NRO EC and CRISP
>> 7. AOB
>> ----
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