[CRISP-TEAM] Request from the ICG on Implementation Timeline : by the end of June

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed May 27 18:26:57 CEST 2015


Since we didn't have time to cover at the last CRISP call, I would like to follow up on the ML.

The ICG is preparing to send a request to the CRISP Team, to submit the expected timeline of the implementation of the numbers proposal.

According to an update I received from Paul Wilson as one of the NRO representative ICG member, as for the current state of contents : 

 - We are expected to provide an initial response via NRO ICG representatives (Paul Wilson and Alan Barrett) by June 9.
 - We would have a chance to provide further comments to follow, later in June.

It is based on a letter to the ICG Chairs recently sent from Larry Strickling <http://www.ianacg.org/icg-files/correspondence/Letter-to-ICG-May-6.pdf> that included the following text:

"I ask that the community provide us with an update on the status of the transition planning and the associated timeframes, including the community’s views as to how long it will take to finalize the transition plan and implement it after it is approved. We request that you and the three primary customer working groups provide us with your views before the end of June, which will give you the opportunity to discuss these issues with the multistakeholder community at the June ICANN meeting in Argentina. In providing this feedback, please keep in mind that the United States Government will need sufficient time to evaluate the proposal and that all work items identified either by the ICG and the CCWG-Accountability as prerequisites for the transition will need to be implemented prior to the ending of the contract.”

As my preliminary thoughts on personal level, I am not sure if this is something the CRISP Team can develop, as the implementation of the proposal is being prepared by the RIRs.

If we are being requested to review:

 - The draft implementation plan initially prepared by the RIRs does not cause any concerns from the perspective of the proposal consolidated by the CRISP Team and 
 - The CRISP Team comfortable that the timeline will ensure the smooth stewardship transition for the IANA Numbering Services

This would make more sense to me. 

It looks like a good agenda to add in the NRO EC-CRISP call this coming Friday.

What are your thoughts?


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