[CRISP-TEAM] Call for volunteer on the SLA analysis

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Thu May 21 11:01:38 CEST 2015

Hi Izumi, all,

Izumi Okutani wrote on 21/05/15 02:53:
> CRISP Team,
> I would like to call for volunteers on analysis of the SLA to see whether they are consistent with the numbers community proposal.
>  - One person from RIR legal team: To provide backround on how certain texts were added
>  - One CRISP member who is not from the legal team: To review the SLA with fresh eyes

Not sure how fresh my eyes are, but I am willing to help here. Do I
understand correctly that the first draft of the analysis is expected on
June 3rd?

I think we touched on this, but I'd like to make the scope of the review
and comments more explicit - it is limited to the conformance of the SLA
to the CRIS Proposal (e.g. we continue not to have opinion about the
jurisdiction), and purely from the CRISP team perspective.

To the latter point - we may want to have a stronger community support,
in this case we should circulate it on ianaxfer earlier and try to
integrate community feedback in the comments.



> Based on this analysis, we would like to prepare for comment from the CRISP Team for submission before 14 June, 2015 at 23:59 UTC.
> This is a suggested timeline. I have not discussed with Nurani and this is just my very prelinary draft for discussions.
> I welcome comments on the draft timeline as well.
>   Fri 21st May UTC13:00  Fix volunteer
>   Wed 27th May UTC13:00  Interim status update at the CRISP call
>   Wed 3rd  Jun           Share analysis with the CRISP Team
>   Fri 5th  Jun           Close feedback from the CRISP Team on analysis
>   Mon 7th  Jun           Draft comments from the CRISP Team based on analysis
>   Wed 10th Jun           Close comments from the CRISP Team, circulate draft comments to the ianaxfer list
>   Mon 14th Jun UTC13:00  Submission to the NRO
> The current idea of circulating to the ianaxfer list is for transparency, and sharing it a little before the dealine so that the community can see the CRISP team response as a reference for their input.
> I would be interested to hear any other thoughts on this.
> Izumi
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