[CRISP-TEAM] Draft comment to the CWG proposal

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> On 17 maj 2015, at 06:37, Bill Woodcock <woody at pch.net> wrote:
>> On May 16, 2015, at 3:32 AM, Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
>> Please find attached a draft for our response on the CWG proposal.
>> I will add in the Annex, Michael and John's analysis on the comparison between the numbers and the names proposal.
>> I would like to call for your feedback on any other points we should make.
>> The language is not brushed up and needs more work. I welcome your edits on the language as well.
> Please find my suggested edits, primarily of the grammar.  Of substantive issues, the main ones for me are these:

Thanks. I have also included my comments in the attached document.

> - PTI staff serving as PTI Board would be a very unusual structure.  I just wanted to make sure that if we’re actually suggesting that, we have a rationale.

I suggest not designing the solution in this response, but simply state that we want a board that is minimal is its role, scope and mandate. (Or something or rather.)

> - It says our SLA is for fixed-fee, which is definitely _not_ what the current Draft SLA says.  So that whole paragraph either needs to be substantially changed, or we need to substantially change the Draft SLA.  But they’re mutually-contradictory right now.

I don't believe they are contradictory, however, I do think the SLA needs to be clearer. (But this is feedback we should provide to the RIRs as part of our analysis of the draft.)

The fixed fee was always my understanding and also my reading of the draft SLA. When consulting the RIPE NCC legal counsel Athina, she confirmed this. The contract has a fixed fee that does not exceed $100. This fee may change in negotiations with ICANN but it will be a fixed fee. (It needs a time period defined which is missing.)

We receive a service, for that we have an SLA, in the SLA the fee is set. There is a review mechanism to make sure the service is provided according to the SLA. 

The financial contribution the RIRs are currently providing ICANN has never in any way been tied to the IANA service. We do not want to mix these two things. 

I see no reason for this fee to be regulated anywhere outside the SLA. 

> - The paragraph on the Review Team is not clearly-worded enough for me to unambiguously understand its intent.  I’m guessing that the intent is to say that we have our own Review Committee for Numbers SLA, so we don’t need to also sit on the Review Team for Names SLA.  If that’s correct, let me know, and I’ll provide wording that I consider unambiguous.

Well, we recognise that there might be the need for coordination and communication, but yes, other than that, we don't need to have representatives on the Review Team as we have our own review mechanisms.

> Otherwise, looks great!  Thanks for the hard work!

Indeed. Thanks Izumi!

One question, do we need to be clearer about that this is purely an analysis by the CRISP team, based on the differences we see between our proposals (knowing the discussion that has formed our proposal), and that this is not the result of a consultation with the numbers community? Or do you think that is clear enough? (Open question, happy to hear what others feel!)
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