[CRISP-TEAM] Role of the CRISP Team in SLA discussions

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu May 7 18:47:45 CEST 2015


To follow up on our discussions at the 19th call, below is the summary of what we have discussed.

I continue to welcome feedback from the CRISP team member, including those who were not at the call, until UTC13:00 Mon 11th May.

* The CRISP Team will provide input on the SLA, whether it is consistent with the principles provided in the numbers proposal, consolidated by the CRISP Team

* On how we handle feedback posted on the IANAXER at nro.net list, there was no agreement for the CRISP Team to summarize individual comments or make observations on the comments posted by the community.
  It was however suggested the CRISP Team coordinates input from the community and provide feedback to the RIRs on any changes needed for the SLA text.

* Izumi to suggest a call with NRO EC and the CRISP Team next week about their expectation on the CRISP Team's role, so that we all share the same understanding.

* Once it is agreed, this should be communicated to the community on the IANAXFER at nro.net list, so that how their input is handled is clear to the community.

FYI, I'd also like to share the announcement from AFRINIC Board.
(According to Alan, who has shared this with me, this had been posted on the IANAXFER list but not showing up yet, waiting for the moderator's approval)

On 6 May 2015, the AFRINIC Board passed the following resolution
regarding the IANA stewardship transition.  (This is almost identical
to a resolution by the ARIN Board on 14 April 2015.)

1.  The AFRINIC Board advocates that the CRISP draft
Service Level Agreement (SLA) be completed promptly,
with fidelity to the CRISP Principles, and made public

2.  The AFRINIC Board believes that any comments or
objections to the draft Service Level Agreement or its
underlying Principles be provided publicly on the CRISP
mailing list (ianaxfer at nro.net), whether those comments
originate with the RIR organizations, ICANN, or others in
the community.

3.  The AFRINIC Board believes that the feedback received
should be collected by the CRISP team, and that the CRISP
team should facilitate discussion of any proposed changes
using an open and transparent process.

4.  The AFRINIC Board reaffirms the necessity of CRISP
SLA outline Principle 6 - Termination of the contract in
the event that the IANA Numbering Services Operator fails
to perform or cure in accord with the terms of the SLA.


On 2015/05/07 21:45, Izumi Okutani wrote:
> CRISP Team,
> Just received this request from Axel Pawlik, the Chair of NRO EC.
> I did put this as the agenda for the call today but just sharing with you that there is a clear request from NRO EC on this.
> ---
> The NRO EC believes that collecting comments from the community, and
> passing a considered summary back to the RIRs, should be part of the
> CRISP Team's role.  This should be covered under the part of clause 1 of
> the CRISP Team Charter that talks about "if there are subsequent
> revisions to be made":
>> 1. The CRISP Team will integrate the input from each of the 5 RIR
>>    regions and finalize the initial RIR submission to the ICG, in
>>    response to the RFP. If there are subsequent revisions to be made
>>    to the RIR ICG submission, the CRISP Team will document the need
>>    for such changes and produce an updated ICG submission after global
>>    number community discussion of the necessary changes (on a global
>>    scope mailing list identified for this purpose.) 
> ---
> Let's discuss it at our call shortly.
> Izumi
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