[CRISP-TEAM] Role of the CRISP Team in SLA discussions

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu May 7 14:45:25 CEST 2015


Just received this request from Axel Pawlik, the Chair of NRO EC.

I did put this as the agenda for the call today but just sharing with you that there is a clear request from NRO EC on this.

The NRO EC believes that collecting comments from the community, and
passing a considered summary back to the RIRs, should be part of the
CRISP Team's role.  This should be covered under the part of clause 1 of
the CRISP Team Charter that talks about "if there are subsequent
revisions to be made":

> 1. The CRISP Team will integrate the input from each of the 5 RIR
>    regions and finalize the initial RIR submission to the ICG, in
>    response to the RFP. If there are subsequent revisions to be made
>    to the RIR ICG submission, the CRISP Team will document the need
>    for such changes and produce an updated ICG submission after global
>    number community discussion of the necessary changes (on a global
>    scope mailing list identified for this purpose.) 

Let's discuss it at our call shortly.


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