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German Valdez german at nro.net
Mon Mar 30 15:25:36 CEST 2015

Dear CRISP Team

Find in attachment notes from last Teleconference for your perusal

Here is a list of suggested actions

Action Item: CRISP team to review the document and provide feedback by
Thursday 19 March. GV to add the questions from the ICG and CRISP Team¹s
responses, receive any additional feedback from the team and, based on
that, come back with a second version of the FAQ document for review.

Action Item: Next Tuesday 17 March, GV to send the slide deck to the CRISP
mailing list for feedback; feedback to be provided by Thursday 19 March.

Action Item: GV to see that a diagram of accountability mechanisms before
and after the transition be included in the slide deck prepared by the NRO
on the Internet Numbers Community Proposal, as well as information about
the proposal development process.

Action Item: IO to summarize the things the CRISP team is working on with
the NRO (FAQ, slides) and send them to the CRISP mailing list.

Action Item: AB to send a message to the ICG saying that, if there are any
notable developments within the names community that would affect the
other operational communities, they should reach out to the numbers
community to conduct appropriate liaison.

Action Item: GV to set up a doodle poll to decide the best day to schedule
the conferences (first Monday, first Wednesday, etc. with a strong
preference for avoiding Fridays).



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