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As dissussed at the 16th call last Friday below are the three things we are working on with NRO:

1. Review the FAQ shared by German

Pleasegive us your feedback by :

  Thu 19th Mar
  (I mentioned Wed at the call but changed to Thu for consensitency with other deadline.

As agreed at the teleconference, the CRISP Team would like to suggest adding all questions from the ICG and our responses to them.

  (Still under discussions) https://www.nro.net/pipermail/ianaxfer/2015-March/000422.htm
Do you want me to communicate this to NRO or would you be able to share?

2. Slides which describe the CRISP proposal

The slides are to be shared by German on Tue17th Mar
This will include the diagram of current and post-transition arrangements (as informally requested by an ICG member).

Once they are shared, I suggest we give feedback for this by Thu 19th March as well.


On 2015/03/11 9:54, German Valdez wrote:
> Hi
> I���m attaching an FAQ about CRISP proposal drafted by the RIR communications group.
> The intention of this document is to clarify current and potential misunderstandings of the content of the proposal.
> The NRO EC would like to have your input / comments of this FAQ and eventually your endorsement as this will be published and in the NRO website.
> Maybe we could add the discussion of this document for this Friday Teleconference
> Additionally, as a heads up,  a new set of presentation slides explaining the proposal is on production.  This will require as well your review and input.
> regards
> German
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