[CRISP-TEAM] My ocmmnet at the ICANN53 Public Forum

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Thu Jun 25 19:53:02 CEST 2015

> On Jun 25, 2015, at 10:21 AM, Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic.ad.jp> wrote:
> CRISP Team,
> I'd like to share the bullet points of comment I plan to make at the Public Forum at ICANN53 which I worked with Nurani.
> - Pleased with the progress of discussions at the ICG on moving forward during ICANN53
> - In parallel we have started open information sharing dialogue among leaders of the ops community

Does that mean Numbers and Protocols?  Or are you saying something different, like about NOGs or something?  I’d be more specific, if possible.

> - Appreciate the collaborative spirit of Jonathan and Lise
> - CWG being careful tolerate the proposal already submitted has been very helpful

“Tolerate” is definitely not the right word to use in this instance…  Perhaps something like: “We appreciate the respect that the CWG has paid to the Principles outlined in the proposals already submitted by the Numbers and Protocols communities."

> - It was good to hear at the CWG public session the names are willing to reconcile [confirm wording]

And “reconcile” implies coming back from an intentional split.  I’d suggest “harmonize” instead.

> - We, are happy to share facts on IPR

It’s probably worth saying that Numbers (and we believe Protocols) are not intransigent on this issue, and are happy to consider any other ways forward that may be proposed in the CWG process.

> - We understand that the CWG needs to discuss this issue more.
>   We are at CWG s disposal for any clarifications that the group may need
>   in their response to ICG request to reconsile their proposal.

Again, I’d use the word “harmonize."

> - Status of preparations for the implementations shared with NTIA
> - We are very closed to the finalisation of the SLA. The draft was shared for public consultation.
>   ICANN Board provided comments. we were pleased to see that there were no show stoppers.
>   We are confident that we can move forward towards the signing of the SLA between the RIRs and ICANN
> -  The numbers community is moving forward in implementing the proposal and we have submitted our timelines to the ICG.
>   We ask the community to be consious of the timelines and focus on pragmatic proposals that can be implemented within these timelines.

All that looks great.


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