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Thanks John,

This can form a good response to the questions asked by the ICANN board on
RIR accountability.


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On 21 June 2015 at 17:24, John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

> With respect to our us making assurances to the community (e.g.
> non-governmental involvement),
> I did this text a while back which may be of interest.  I have no idea who
> we represent it to...
> /John
> ===
> I.   The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) hereby acknowledge receipt of
> "Principles for Operation of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
> Registries” [RFC 7500], as issued by the IAB in April 2015.
> II.  The RIRs, as coordinated via the NRO, hereby confirm that they
> represent the affected community for the Internet Numbers Registries [RFC
> 7249], as recognized by ICANN via the "ICANN / Address Supporting
> Organization Memorandum of Understanding" [ASO MOU] and as acknowledged by
> the IAB in RFC 7500.
> III. The RIRs commit that they will administer the Internet Numbers
> Registries [RFC 7249] in conformance to the Principles contained in RFC
> 7500, and specifically as noted below:
>         1) Uniqueness, Stability, and Predictability
>                 1a) The RIRs commit to the development of policies (both
> regional and global) that provide for uniqueness, stability, and
> predictability for Internet identifiers within the Internet Number
> Registries.
>                 1b) The RIRs commit to the provision of registry
> operations and procedures (both regional and global) that provide for
> uniqueness, stability, and predictability for Internet identifiers within
> the Internet Number Registries.
>         2) Public
>                 2a) The RIRs commit to the publication of the Internet
> Number Registries (both regional and global) in a public manner which is
> freely available to everyone.
>         3) Open and Transparent
>                 3a) The RIRs commit to policy development processes (both
> regional and global) that are open to all interested parties and operated
> in a transparent manner.
>                 3b) The RIRs represent that, per agreement between the
> RIRs and ICANN, the policy development for the global IANA number
> registries is coordinated by a community-elected number council and subject
> to process review before ratification by the ICANN Board of Trustees.
>                 3c) The RIRs commit to the provision of registry
> operations (both regional and global) that operate in an open and
> transparent manner to the extent possible and are subject to periodic
> performance review by interested parties in the community.
>         4) Accountable
>                 4a) The RIRs represent that they are member-based
> organizations, and they are accountable to the affected community by
> governance boards elected by the affected community.
>                 4b) The RIRs acknowledge that they are accountable to the
> global Internet community to provide trust and confidence in the
> administration of the Internet Number Registries, and therefore agree to
> cooperate with periodic independent reviews of their conformance to the
> Principles and to the public release of the independent review results.
> IV.  The RIRs acknowledge that: 1) per RFC 2860, the Internet Number
> Registries are a delegated portion of the Internet's global system of
> unique identifiers that is subject to oversight and coordination by ICANN;
> 2) that the IETF/IAB relies upon ICANN for recognition of appropriate
> representation of the community that is affected by the Internet Number
> Registries, and 3) that chronic evidence in the independent review results
> of systemic failure to administer the Internet Number Registries in
> conformance with the Principles may result in an ICANN recommendation to
> the IETF/IAB for ICANN to undertake a resolictation for representation of
> the affected community.
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