[CRISP-TEAM] Report on the CRISP presentation at AFRINIC22

Mwendwa Kivuva Kivuva at transworldafrica.com
Tue Jun 16 18:16:28 CEST 2015

The AFRINIC CRISP team had a session at AFRINIC22 public meeting held in
Tunis, Tunisia on 4th June 2015. The proceedings of the meeting can be
accessed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dA5lSTurzFk. The PowerPoint
presentation is available here
. The meeting was to brief the AFRINIC community on the progress made in
developing a proposal to the ICG, the progress of the SLA contract, and
communication with other operational communities. The community was given
an opportunity to respond to the draft SLA and give any other input.

Some of the questions asked were focused on clarification on the
composition and terms of the Review Committee, the process to follow on
arbitration between RIRs and IFO, and jurisdiction to be used in case of
any legal disputes between the RIRs and IFO. It was also observed that is
is not clear how the three arbitrators will be chosen. The AFRINIC  legal
counsel briefed the community on the pros of choosing arbitration as
opposed to court proceedings, and the choice of a court of competent
jurisdiction should the parties choose to go to court. It was also noted
that all RIRs were represented in drafting the SLA.  On whether RIRs would
have SLAs with their members, it was clarified that RIRs would continue to
offer services to their members as per the service charter and policies in

One member wondered why the three operational communities could not develop
a single proposal together instead of having three separate proposals. It
was clarified that all the three operational communities were asked by ICG
to develop proposals by consulting their communities through the bottom up
multistakeholder process, and thereafter, the ICG through consensus from
the communities would find a common ground for a single proposal to be
submitted to the ICANN board for onward submission to NTIA.

On Whether RIRs would exchange a contract with ICANN or IFO/PTI, it was
noted that this has not yet been decided, but the final decision would not
matter much since the contract would be based on the provision of the IFO

There was general consensus from the community on the principles of the
proposal and draft SLA, and the community was encouraged to continue
participating using the provided mailing lists  ianaxfer at nro.net and
ianaoversight at afrinic.net.

Mwendwa Kivuva, Nairobi, Kenya
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