[CRISP-TEAM] Draft Announcement: Close of the comment and the next steps

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Tue Jun 9 08:38:39 CEST 2015


I'd like to share draft the annoucement below which Nurani and I have worked for the global IANAXFER list.
This will be announced after the end of the comment period (UTC23:59 9th June).

I don't think we are suggesting anything new (as they are based on discussions within the CRISP Team/with the NRO EC), but I welcome your comments/suggestions.

Dear colleagues,

We have now closed the comments for the SLA Review by the CRISP Team.
As the next steps, the CRISP Team will finalize the review and submit it
to the NRO before its submission deadline of 14th June.

As it has been announced by the NRO, the RIRs are open to receive any
feedback the community has on the draft SLA until 14 June 2015, and will
be gathering and tracking any comments received publicly.


We appreciate this transparent process that RIRs are taking. The CRISP
team is communicating regularly with the RIRs to ensure that we together
meet the expectations and needs of the community. We are happy to see
the constructive spirit in which we jointly move forward in this process.

The CRISP Team considers it important to ensure that the final SLA to be
exchanged with the IANA Numbering Services operator is consistent with
the numbers community proposal, to maintain accountability in this
process, and for the implementation to be representative of the
community's input.

In this light, the CRISP Team have identified and raised with the RIRs,
the need to communicate the future steps in the SLA development to the

We trust that the RIRs will continue to engage with the numbers
community in the key steps of finalizing the SLA text, seeking support
from the community on any major future developments of the SLA, and
ensuring consistency with the Numbers proposal.


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