[CRISP-TEAM] Factors for implementaion which affects the timelines

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Jun 5 21:18:39 CEST 2015


As a follow up from the call with the NRO EC, I would like to start listing the factors which would affect the timelines of the implementation of the numbers proposal.

 a. SLA text
   - Consultation with the numbers commnunity
   - Negotiation with the ICANN
   - Re-consultation with the numbers community (on the revised text)

 b. Review Committee
   - Drafting the charter
   - Consultation with the community
   - Final call for comments for the revised chater
   - Selection process of the Review Committee

 c. IPR
   - Coordination among the three operational communities
   - Community consultation if needed
   - Negotiation with the ICANN
   - Re-consultation with the numbers community (if revision is needed)

 d. Fallback mechanism
   - Identify elements which needs fallback mechanism
   - Define process
   - Analyse possible impact
   - Identify the need of RFP and if needed draft one

These are just my very rough preliminary thoughts as starting point of discussions.
Please contribute to brush this up. I welcome contributions by CRISP Team members from RIRs, as well as other CRISP Team memebers.

Below is the suggested next steps:

 9th  June   Preliminary response to the ICG (whether or not we are willing to draft the the timelines and broad area)
 12th June   Complete listing implementation elements
 19th June   Complete listing timelines per implementation elements
 25th June   Review the timelines per implementation elements/formatting
 26th June   Submission to the ICG

This is not coordinated with Nurani and suggeted next steps are also open to your feedback, and revision as needed.


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