[CRISP-TEAM] Remarks by Assistant Secretary Strickling at the State of the Net Conference 1/27/2015 | NTIA

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Jan 28 12:22:41 CET 2015

This is extremely helpful as a reference. Thank you for sharing this Andrei.

All of Larry Strickling's statements are consistent with what he has
been saying publicly at ICANN meetings but very good summary clearly
showing NTIA's position in all aspects including ICANN Accountability.

I'd like to prepare possible Q&As on our proposal, and some of the
questions posed to the names proposal may be a useful excercise to ask
in terms of numbers (which I am confident we can answer), as well as
reviewing how we could respond to if similar comments are made as in
icg-forum, during ICANN52.

I'll start a seperate thread for this.


On 2015/01/28 17:18, Andrei Robachevsky wrote:
> Might be of interest
> http://www.ntia.doc.gov/speechtestimony/2015/remarks-assistant-secretary-strickling-state-net-conference-1272015
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