[CRISP-TEAM] Future steps and communicating with RIRs

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Fri Jan 23 17:15:35 CET 2015

Hi Andrei,

On 2015/01/23 21:03, Andrei Robachevsky wrote:
> Hi,
> May I ask to clarify something?


> Izumi Okutani wrote on 23/01/15 11:00:
> [...]
>>> I want to understand it clearly,
>>> 1. ICG acknowledges receipt of CRISP proposal
>> 2. CRISP Team formally informs the executives of the RIRs about the
>> proposal.
> Izumi, you suggested before that "We communicate with RIR *after* the
> ICG formally accepts the proposal". IMO, this is different from
> acknowledging the receipt of the proposal.
> Accepting the proposal means (according to the ICG document) that they
> have reviewed the following:
> 1. Any process concerns that were highlighted to the ICG by participants
> in the proposal development process.
> 2. Whether input/comments the ICG received directly were shared with
> the operational community and were considered or addressed by the
> operational community.
> 3. Whether the proposal obtained consensus (as defined in that
> community’s process) among those who participated in the operational
> community process.

Yes. this is the same as my understanding. I realise the word
"acknowlege" made it sound lighter than above, but my meaning and
intention was the same as yours.

(I initially felt, before your explanation above that "accept" sounds
stronger like endorses or approves but I now understand what you mean
with your description above. )

So, I'm in agreement with you that we inform RIRs after the ICG
"accepts" the proposal, going throught the steps you described.

Thank you for clearly confirming about this, which makes sure we are on
the same page.

> So, this sounds more like item 3 in Mwendwa's plan.
> And in my opinion this is already an early heads up, since the combined
> proposal that is going to be reviewed by NTIA may require some
> clarifications or additions.
> Please correct me if I misunderstand the process, or if you think this
> is not significant enough.

I'm inline with you regarding the meaning of accepting.

The only thing I'm not sure is the timing, as I realise today that the
timeline is changed from what was quoted.

 - This would have fit in as Step 1 in the 24th Dec version of the

 - I'm not sure if there is a seperate step equivalent for this in the
   latest timeline


Assuming there is no seperate step for "accepting" under the latest
timeline, I'm personally OK to do communicate with RIRs after Step2 of
7th Jan 2015 version of the timeline as:

 - RIRs would be proceeding with the preparation as needed before this
   anyways, and
 - We will be communicating on the IANAXFER list now about our plan
   for the next steps, so we won't be keeping the community in suspense
   about future steps until March
 - Informing the RIRs of the proposal to the CRISP team is  more for
   making the protocol visible for the community so they can confirm
   things are proceeding towards implementation, as the ICG's
   considerations for the proposals move to further steps.

I'll tentatively draft an e-mail reponse to Seun based on this thinking,
but I do continue to welcome feedback/clarifications from the CRISP Tem
members if any.


> Andrei
>>> 2. RIRs acknowledge acceptance of the proposal (I have seen great
>>> unofficial support from Adiel, Paul Wilson, and John Curran on our proposal)
>> Indeed. and as step three, we expect formal acknowledgement from RIRs
>> about the proposal and they will procees with actions expected from them.
>>> 3. ICG accepts our proposal and gives RIRs go ahead to draft contract/SLA
>>> and form Review Team
>> I'm not sure if the ICG is in the position to give it a go.
>> My assumption was that the RIR will start preparation without waiting
>> for intruction from anyone.
>>> 4. RIRs form Review Team and draft contract.
>> and consult the community where needed.
>>> 5. Contract is sent to ICG
>> In my view, it is not necessary to send the contract to the ICG.
>>> Are the next steps anything similar to that?
>> So steps in my understanding is:
>> 1. ICG acknowledges receipt of CRISP proposal
>>   # It seems the timeline has changed since December so I'm not sure if
>>     the ICG will have a seperate phased of expressing acceptance, before
>>     sharing the compiled proposal in March.
>>     Would someone be able to confirm?
>> 2. CRISP Team formally informs the executives of the RIRs about the
>> proposal.
>> 3. RIRs formally acknowledge the proposal which require actions by the RIRs
>> 4. RIRs prepare for implementation (form Review Committee and draft SLA)
>> and consult the community where needed.
>> 5. Preparations for implementation completed before the transtion from
>> the NTIA (form Review Committee and SLA text ready for signing).
>> I welcome feedback on any point which is different from others in the
>> CRISP Team.
>> As mentioned in my earlier post, I'll also share a draft response to the
>> IANAXFER list several hours later.
>> Izumi

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