[CRISP-TEAM] Some Follow up Items

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Thu Jan 22 13:48:33 CET 2015

In my personal view no formal action is required from anyone, apart from
the ICG, until the proposal is formally accepted by them.

Once the ICG publicly documents the fact that the proposal is ready to
move on to Step II, I'd expect that the RIRs respond to this fact by
informing the community of the next steps they are planning to undertake
with regards to the implementation of the proposal.


Alan Barrett wrote on 22/01/15 13:23:
> On Thu, 22 Jan 2015, Nurani Nimpuno wrote:
>> I tend to agree with Andrei here.
>> I don't find it quite appropriate for us to at this stage start
>> telling the RIRs that they need to do x, y, z.
> What I proposed was subtly different.  Don't tell them that they need to
> do X, Y, Z, but rell them that we have sibmitted a proposal that, if
> accepted, will require them to do X, Y, Z.
>> One alternative way forward, could be that we formally send a brief
>> note to the RIR CEOs. We simply point them to the proposal and ask
>> them to consider its content as it will have implications for them.
>> (No need to list what actions the RIRs need to take.) We could
>> possibly ask for them to confirm receipt of this.
> I'd be fine with just saying "here's the proposal we submitted,
> pleaseconsider its implications", and not saying "if accepted, the
> proposal will require the RIRs to do X, Y Z".  I would not be happy with
> waiting.
>> After that, we send a note to the community, informing them that we
>> have communicated with the RIRs and they have acknowledged receipt in
>> some way and that we trust that they are following the process and
>> starting whatever internal work they need to meet the needs of the
>> community.
> Yes, I agree that we should inform the community.
> --apb (Alan Barrett)
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