[CRISP-TEAM] Request for NRO CRISP Team Update

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Jan 22 11:37:55 CET 2015

German and NRO Secretariat Team,

Based on discussions and support within the CRISP Team as you may have
been following, would you be able to kindly help us update the NRO CRISP
Team webpage?

The idea is, we have now submitted the proposal to the ICG, so we would
like to make it easier for people to find the proposal and the issues list.

This is just an example to give you a rough idea and if there is a
better way of doing it, I leave it to your decision.

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues in updated the


    1. "Final Proposal" to come before "Participation and CRISP
         Mailing Lists" Section

         - People would to now confirm the final proposal as the
           comment period is already over
         - add text and html versions (as requested seperately)

    2. "Summary of Discussions and Its Status"
        - Description
          You can confirm summary of discussions on <ianaxfer at nro.net>
          and its status at: # link to the file #

        - Post the attached Excel
          (If it can be converted into PDF without losing the original
           information, that would be great but if not, post as Excel
           for now)

         - It seems to fit after "Final Proposal" but will leave it to
           you on where it best fits in an easy to find place
           (Not as the link to meeting materials/bottom of the page -
            important that people can spot this easily)

    3. "Important Dates"-->"Key Dates before the submission to the ICG"

        - Change the title from "Important Dates" to "Key Dates before
          the submission to the ICG "
        - Add dates including the key dates for the first draft

        (The idea is to keep this information as a record of what
         process we followed in developing the draft but not as future
         steps, and record all steps taken)


        "Important Dates"
         Second draft to be published : 8 Jan 2015
         Second draft comments close : 12 Jan 2015, 23:59 UTC
         Final proposal to be sent to ICG : 15 Jan 2015

        "Key Dates before the submission to the ICG "
        First draft published: 19 Dec 2014
        First draft comments closed: 5 Jan 2015
        Second draft to be published: 8 Jan 2015
        Second draft comments closed: 12 Jan 2015
        Final proposal sent to ICG: 15 Jan 2015

   4. Reflect outdated documents
      Documents below are outdates (link from 8/1 meeting)

      - 2nd Draft Proposal Clean Version (LATEST VERSION)
      - 2nd Draft Proposal Track Changes version
      - IANA xfer summary discussion 08012015 v2 (LATEST VERSION)

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