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As you have seen there is a question from Seun Ojedeji about next steps.

I'd like to confirm with you whether there is anything additional we can
share with him and the IANAXFER mailing list about it.

If anything to add, perhaps, state to keep an eye on the updates by RIRs
in each of their regional communities?

In addition, there may perhaps be an expectation that the community will
be developing charpter of review committee and contract actual text,
which is not the case in my understanding.

(In re-reading, I may have made it sound as though RIRs will be doing
the full review of the charter and contract actual text with the
community while this was not my intention)

I feel we should set the right level of expectations about it - would it
be useful to quote relevant parts of our proposal and say the rest it
upto RIRs, to re-emphaize this? Other suggestions are welcome.

"During the drafting process, the RIRs are expected to consult their
respective RIR communities, and that the drafting process will be guided
by the principles listed below."

"The selection of the Review Committee members should be
conducted in an open, transparent, and bottom-up manner appropriate for
each RIR region."


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Hello Seun,

Just from what I can answer for now,

>> - SLA requirements

"IANA Service Level Agreement Principles" are described in Section
III.A.3 of our proposal, as you are probably aware. This lists
principles and elements to be included in the SLA.

Both of the processes listed below will be lead by the RIRs and not the
CRISP Team. I trust the RIRs will start the process, so that we have
these them ready before the transition.

>> - Charter of review committee
>> - Contract actual text

I need to double check if there is anything more we can say at this
stage as the CRISP Team - Thanks for your question and patience!


On 2015/01/22 13:29, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> Hello Izumi,
> You may have missed this mail, could you/or any crisp team kindly provide
> update?
> Just to clarify (in line of recent development), not all the 3 items are
> expected to be developed by this WG but will be good to know when those
> processes will start.
> Thanks
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> On 21 Jan 2015 09:37, "Seun Ojedeji" <seun.ojedeji at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello Izumi, CRISP team
>> Thanks again to you and the entire team. I just want to ask about what the
>> next line of action will be? i.e are we to wait until the ICG release their
>> final proposal? or while we wait on ICG, we also start the drafting process
>> for the following:
>> - Charter of review committee
>> - SLA requirements
>> - Contract actual text
>> Thanks as i look forward to your response
>> Regards
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