[CRISP-TEAM] Comment from Richard Hill at "Icg-Forum at Icann.Org"

Andrei Robachevsky robachevsky at isoc.org
Wed Jan 21 11:11:00 CET 2015

Andrei Robachevsky wrote on 21/01/15 11:08:
> Alan Barrett wrote on 21/01/15 09:39:
>> > The process issues here are exactly the same:  did the CRISP charter or
>> > the ICG RFP require us to specify more details than we actually
>> > specified; and did the CRISP Team adequately consider Richard Hill's
>> > position?
> I do not think so. 

Obviously, this was the answer to the first question. Regarding the
second one - there is a public record, both in ianaxfer and crisp
mailinglist archives that this was indeed the case.


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