[CRISP-TEAM] NRO CRISP Website: to reflect the lates staus

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Wed Jan 21 08:00:41 CET 2015


Since we have now closed comments for our proposal, I feel it's useful
for the NRO CRISP Team website to reflect this.

Reason: I think it's important that the ICG members and communities
outside the number resources can easily find our proposal and our process.

I hope they are both simple changes and do not cause too much burden for
NRO Secretariat team to address them - if it does, please advice German.

    1. "Final Proposal" to come before "Participation and CRISP
         Mailing Lists" Section

         - People would to now confirm the final proposal as the
           comment period is already over
         - add text and html versions (as requested seperately)

     2. Important Dates

        - Change the title from "Important Dates" to "Key Dates before
          the submission to the ICG "
        - Add dates including the key dates for the first draft

        (The idea is to keep this information as a record of what
         process we followed in developing the draft but not as future
         steps, and record all steps taken)


        "Important Dates"
         Second draft to be published : 8 Jan 2015
         Second draft comments close : 12 Jan 2015, 23:59 UTC
         Final proposal to be sent to ICG : 15 Jan 2015

        "Key Dates before the submission to the ICG "
	First draft published: 19 Dec 2014
    	First draft comments close: 5 Jan 2015
    	Second draft to be published: 8 Jan 2015
    	Second draft comments close: 12 Jan 2015
    	Final proposal to be sent to ICG: 15 Jan 2015


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