[CRISP-TEAM] ICG RFP Number Resource Proposal - Final

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Fri Jan 16 00:21:31 CET 2015

> On Jan 15, 2015, at 3:05 PM, Michael Abejuela <mabejuela at arin.net> wrote:
> Hello CRISP Team,
> I am happy to attach the final document for submission to the ICG. Attached you will find the PDF version of our submission along with a PDF version of the cover letter.

Most (but not all) of the opening double-quotes got mangled.

Extra space in "establishes the NRO as “ a coordinating mechanism”

Period at the end of the II.B.2 section-head.

Unnecessary quotes got reintroduced or remained at "It is the responsibility of the NRO Number Council (”NRO NC”)”

There are widows on pp 3, pp 7, pp 9, pp 18, and pp 23.

There’s an orphan at the top of pp 8.

I don’t see any other glaring problems in a quick once-over.  Nothing there worth missing a deadline for, but we might want to submit a cleaned-up copy for whatever permanent archive keeps this.


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