[CRISP-TEAM] Fwd: Re: Interim version, not yet checked visually in Word...

Michael Abejuela mabejuela at arin.net
Thu Jan 15 21:23:03 CET 2015

I know there have been a lot of edits, but I do want to make sure the
products of this group¹s hard work are reflected in the document. While I
expected any further revisions would be minimal, I know from editing past
versions that items can be inadvertently missed hence our review process.
To that end, if members of the group find critical elements that have not
been edited and were agreed by the group, I am happy to incorporate if
members of the team would identify specifically what needs to be changed.
The closer we get to time deadline, I will work with Izumi to ensure
proper updates have been made.

Please forward any detailed concerns and edits to the list as soon as
possible, and I will work to incorporate. I will try to make my speed
skills with Word useful today! :-)

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On 1/15/15, 3:17 PM, "Alan Barrett" <apb at cequrux.com> wrote:

>On Thu, 15 Jan 2015, Paul Rendek wrote:
>> I sent these two docs in today and I ahd support for the changes
>> and they are not in the 7-8 redline doc that was just sent
>> recently by Bill to the list.
>> A small few are there but not all.
>Michael, can you incorporate these changes?
>> And the text that I sent comments on to revert back to the text
>> before Bill did this version of the edits was not taken into
>> account.
>Paul, could you repeat your sugegstions, giving clear section
>numbers and text?
>> I am not pleased with this. The suggestions were clear and took
>> quite sometime to produce. I saw messages of support for them
>> and no objections.
>Let's get it fixed.  We have an hour before UTC21:30  NRO Secretariat
>post the proposal on NRO website.
>--apb (Alan Barrett)
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