[CRISP-TEAM] Status update

Alan Barrett apb at cequrux.com
Thu Jan 15 19:43:51 CET 2015

On Thu, 15 Jan 2015, Bill Woodcock wrote:
> I’ve now completed all edits that I know of, that are 
> applicable to version 7 of the document, and didn’t have 
> outstanding issues.

Well done!

> I’ve mailed the list about each of the outstanding issues, 
> namely:

Are any of those issues still outstanding now?

> - The glossary is long, probably too long to go at the top of 
> the document, and contains as-yet undefined items.

I think we agreed to omit anything that doesn't yet have a 
definition, move it to an appendix, and add a note at the top 
telling people about the appendix.  I haven't seen a proposal for 
the exact text at the top..

> - The rampant variations of open/transparent/bottoms-up need to 
> be harmonized.

We agreed on "open, transparent, and bottom-up".

> - Whether or not to include the reference to Bermuda is (I 
> think) waiting on a reply from Andrei.

I think he replied.  Omit the reference to Bermuda or ICC rules in 

> - The intellectual property issue is waiting on specific text, 
> though everybody is expressing goodwill about it.

I sent a message with a copy of the agreed text.

> - There was text about the RIRs serving the Internet Number 
> Community that Paul and Nurani objected to but didn’t suggest 
> an alternative.

Nurani sent a copy of the agreed text.

> - There was a sentence about a third-party holder of IP that 
> Paul wanted simplified, I proposed an alternative, haven’t 
> heard back from anyone. Haven’t checked to see if it clobbers 
> the other IP issue or vice-versa yet.

Nurani sent a copy of Paul's text.  I replied to your suggestion.

> - We’re waiting for Dr. Govind’s given name, if he has one.

Let's just use "Dr. Govind".

> - Alan suggested text “elect individuals to the governing 
> board” but didn’t specify where it should go.

As I said last time you asked this, there's a sentence in 
II.B.3.ii that says "members have the right to vote individuals 
onto the governing board".  I suggest to change that to "members 
have the right to elect individuals to the governing board".  
Essentially "vote onto" -> "elect".

> Up to the point at which I left the call, the consensus was to 
> close all outstanding issues before moving to version 8, so we 
> could call for consensus on version 8.  I’m not getting a lot 
> of feedback from you guys on the above.

I have seen rapid feedback on all issues you raised.

> 1) I can noodle around with the glossary until I see some 
> consensus on the list.
> 2) We can just throw out all outstanding issues, declare it 
> done, consensus reached, and move on to pagination.
> 3) I can wing it on the easy ones, throw out the hard ones, and 
> freeze version 8.
> 4) You guys could get to work and close these issues, so I can 
> apply them and freeze version 8.
> 5) We can change our minds about open issues from 7 passing on 
> to 8, and I can punt all of the open issues on to Michael.
> 6) I could try to wing it on all of the open issues.

I think all the issues are resolved, modulo exact text for the 
note referring people to the glossary appendix.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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