[CRISP-TEAM] Status update

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Thu Jan 15 19:04:12 CET 2015

I’ve now completed all edits that I know of, that are applicable to version 7 of the document, and didn’t have outstanding issues.

I’ve mailed the list about each of the outstanding issues, namely:

 - The glossary is long, probably too long to go at the top of the document, and contains as-yet undefined items.

 - The rampant variations of open/transparent/bottoms-up need to be harmonized.

 - Whether or not to include the reference to Bermuda is (I think) waiting on a reply from Andrei.

 - The intellectual property issue is waiting on specific text, though everybody is expressing goodwill about it.

 - There was text about the RIRs serving the Internet Number Community that Paul and Nurani objected to but didn’t suggest an alternative.

 - There was a sentence about a third-party holder of IP that Paul wanted simplified, I proposed an alternative, haven’t heard back from anyone. Haven’t checked to see if it clobbers the other IP issue or vice-versa yet.

 - We’re waiting for Dr. Govind’s given name, if he has one.

 - Alan suggested text “elect individuals to the governing board” but didn’t specify where it should go.

Up to the point at which I left the call, the consensus was to close all outstanding issues before moving to version 8, so we could call for consensus on version 8.  I’m not getting a lot of feedback from you guys on the above.  There are several ways forward:

1) I can noodle around with the glossary until I see some consensus on the list.
2) We can just throw out all outstanding issues, declare it done, consensus reached, and move on to pagination.
3) I can wing it on the easy ones, throw out the hard ones, and freeze version 8.
4) You guys could get to work and close these issues, so I can apply them and freeze version 8.
5) We can change our minds about open issues from 7 passing on to 8, and I can punt all of the open issues on to Michael.
6) I could try to wing it on all of the open issues.

(6) will take too long, and we’ll miss the deadline.  (5) is punting, and doesn’t move us ahead.  (4) is wishful thinking.  (3) is probably the sensible course of action.  (2) is too sensible to contemplate.  (1) is just shy of wasting time, but is what I’ll do for a few minutes while I wait to see if anyone gives me any feedback on this.

I’d kinda prefer (3) myself.  Lets us do the pen-handoff and move forward.  I got my parents to deal with the kids this morning, and canceled my morning meeting, but I won’t be able to cancel my meeting that’s at 20:00 UTC, so we’ll need to have handed off the pen by then.


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