[CRISP-TEAM] Latest CRISP Team Timeline and the next steps

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Jan 15 16:57:56 CET 2015


This the updated version based on our discussions at the call.

 UTC15:30  Bill share version.8 to CRISP Team
           Bill hand over the pen to Michael

 UTC18:30  Feedcback from the CRISP Team in case comments are not
           - Only to confirm the reflection of changes suggested
            ## No new suggestions ##

 UTC20:30  Michael share ver.9
           - reflect if any changes are not incorporated
           - work on removing the cover letter

  [How we measure agreement by the CRISP Team]
  - No vote
  - If no concerns expressed, we move as agreed

 UTC21:30  NRO Secretariat post the proposal on NRO website

 UTC22:00  Izumi to sumit the proposal to the ICG
            (with cc to CRISP Team and IANAXFER)
            Izumi to make the announcement to the IANAXFER


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