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> A good suggestion, and one we also originally thought of, but I have left
> those out as they are basically defined in section 1.B. I personally think
> its good enough. And there are refs. to the websites in the regional
> process area.

There is no part in section 1B where the 5 RIRs acronyms are expanded. I
for ones always have to Google the meaning of RIPE NCC :)

1.B. The customer of the service or activity

The RIRs, the not-for-profit membership-based organizations accountable to
the Internet Number Community, manage the registration and distribution of
Internet Number Resources (as defined above) on a regional basis. The five
RIRs are:

AFRINIC Serving Africa

APNIC Serving the Asia-Pacific Region

ARIN Serving Canada, some North Atlantic and Caribbean islands, Antarctica,
and the United States

LACNIC Serving Latin America and portions of the Caribbean

RIPE NCC Serving Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East

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