[CRISP-TEAM] Comments on sections II to VI

Alan Barrett apb at cequrux.com
Thu Jan 15 11:31:17 CET 2015

On Thu, 15 Jan 2015, Alan Barrett wrote:
>My earlier comments, in the file "CRISP Team 
>Proposal-BW5-apb-notes-1.doc", were based on "CRISP Team 
>Proposal-BW5.doc" and were my comments on section I of the document.
>I now attach the file "CRISP Team Proposal-BW7-apb-notes-2.doc", which 
>are based on "CRISP Team Proposal-BW7.doc", and are my comments on 
>section II of the document, plus a small number of comments on earlier 

Here's the file "CRISP Team Proposal-BW7-apb-notes-3.doc", 
which incorporates all my comments from "CRISP Team 
Proposal-BW7-apb-notes-2.doc", plus additional comments on the 
remainder of the document.  These comments are based on "CRISP 
Team Proposal-BW7.doc".

Comments in section I were provided in a separate file, based on 
an earler version of Bill's document, and are not included here.  
I will work to merge the two sets of comments and send a merged 
version later.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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