[CRISP-TEAM] New Timeline ver.2 (updated since 13th call)

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Thu Jan 15 08:29:45 CET 2015


Please see the update timeline below.

As you can see, our new target is very close to the deadline of UTC23:59
15th Jan.

The comment period for CRISP Team for the current version is the same as
the time I sent in a seperate e-mail.

It still helps if you could try to send in substantial comments at early
stage so we can identify issues to resolve at the call at early stage.


Draft Timeline ver.2

1. Initial Comments from CRISP Team for Bill's draft
   - CRISP Team members to give comments before:
      (including the draft announcement)


2. Comment on other members comments/updated doc
   - Sufficient only to express disagreement/suggest alternative


3.  Discuss outstanding issues at 14th call


4. Michael to share the update proposal
  - Reflect dicussions in 1-3
  - Izumi will also share the updated announcement & issues list


6. Final comments from CRISP Team for the draft shared in Step 4
    - including the draft announcement & issues list

      [Before UTC20:30]

7.  Michael to share the update proposal
    - Reflect feedback in step 6

      [Before UTC22:00]

8. Fix the proposal to be submitted to the ICG

      [at UTC22:30]

10. Website preparation and reflect URLs in announcement
     - NRO Secretariat to share the URLs (for the announcement)

         [Before UTC23:00 ]

11. Submission to the ICG & announcement
    a. Sent to "icg-proposal at icann.org" from Izumi
       [at UTC23:30 15th Jan]

    b. Make announcement to the IANAXFER list
       [Around  UTC23:30 15th Jan]

Work items:

1. Draft final proposal
   a.  editorial version
   b.  reflect substantial changes

2. Update issue status list
   - incorporate updates since the second draft
   [## Volunteer needed ##]

3. Upload materials on the NRO website
   - editorial version of the second draft
 & redline)
   - final proposal
     (clean & redline)
   - issue status list

4. Submission to the ICG
   - icg-proposal at icann.org
   - No time specified except (can we assume 1/15 UTC23:59? )

5. Announcement to the IANAXFER list
   - Completion of our submission
   - Share issues status list to confirm how commnets are reflected
   - Welcome endorsement on the list for the final version to
     be viewed by the ICG
     (has been discussed and agreed by the CRISP Team but double check)
   - Share next steps in the ICG process

   [Also to be posted on the NRO CRISP website]

6. Share with the IETF and Names community
   - an an update that we have completed the


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