[CRISP-TEAM] Interim version, not yet checked visually in Word...

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Thu Jan 15 07:08:25 CET 2015

> There are two changes that go beyond simple edits (I include a redline
> version with the proposed changes):
> 1) "Provision of reverse DNS services in the IN-ADDR.ARPA and IP6.ARPA
> domains may also require interaction with the .ARPA registry. " - I
> think it belongs in I.D.  A description of any overlaps.

Agreed, I’ve just moved it.

> 2) Section III.A. In the para, describing the assumption the IANA
> Numbering Service Operator and IANA Functions Operator. It should read:
> NEW:
> This proposal assumes that specific IANA customers (i.e., the numbers
> community, the protocol parameters community, and the names community)
> will have independent arrangements with the IANA Functions Operator
> related to maintenance of the specific registries for which they are
> responsible. At the same time, the Internet Number Community wishes to
> emphasize the importance of communication and coordination between these
> communities to ensure the stability of the IANA services. Such
> communication and coordination would be especially vital should the
> three communities reach different decisions regarding the identity of
> the IANA Functions Operator going forward. Efforts to facilitate this
> communication and coordination should be undertaken by the affected
> communities via processes distinct from this stewardship transition process.

Basically, this would be rolling back the harmonized use of the term “IANA Numbering Service Operator” for this one paragraph, but not elsewhere.  I’m happy to do whatever there’s consensus on, but can you explain the rationale, and let me know if anyone else is supporting this change?


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