[CRISP-TEAM] IANA Draft Proposal 14012015 - MRA

Michael Abejuela mabejuela at arin.net
Wed Jan 14 21:12:09 CET 2015

Hello Team,

My apologies, I anticipated getting this out an hour earlier.  Please find attached a redline and clean version of the updates to the draft proposal.  In this draft you will observe the changes identified in Izumi’s e-mail “Compilation of Sugested texts – issues discussed at the 11th call” and Izumi’s e-mail earlier today “To Michael: Suggested changes to be reflected”

In doing these modifications, I attempted to also locate areas to edit to maintain consistency and uniformity.  I am sure Bill will find some places I missed as well; and overall I ask the team for any comments on items I may have missed.

To note, The edit to I.B. To specify “not-for-profit membership-based organizations” was also done in II.B.3.ii and V.A.

Also, Nurani’s edit to II.B.2 (no impact -> not have any significant impact) was also done in III.A.3.  Please note that this exact same paragraph appears in both places – this is likely one of the items of duplicative text Bill was referring to on the call today.

Thank you all for your review and feedback.  I am passing the baton to Bill now and will wait to receive it back around 0:00 UTC.  In the meantime, Bill if you need any assistance, I am around; and also, if any member of the team has any comments, please send them over as soon as you have them for everyone’s consideration so we can ensure all items are addressed by tomorrow.


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