[CRISP-TEAM] [NRO-IANAXFER] Thanks, and comments on the second draft proposal

Paul Rendek rendek at ripe.net
Wed Jan 14 08:28:42 CET 2015

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Hey Bill,

Yes, I agree and have proposed this as well.

I have seen your other mails and while I can agree with many of your
points I think I just want to wait for the next clean version before I
go into that kind of detail. You are one step ahead of me. I just wanted
to get all the so called 'substantive' changes and the other suggested
editorial bits in from PaulW.

I think then I can apply the eagle eye you have on a nice clean version.


On 1/13/15 5:30 PM, Bill Woodcock wrote:
>> On Jan 13, 2015, at 9:11 AM, Andrei Robachevsky
<robachevsky at isoc.org> wrote:
>>> - RIR communities --> Internet community
>> Ah, I did not spot this! I think we are speaking on behalf of the RIR
>> communities, so we cannot say the "Internet community”.
> This is another case of conflicting edits, as well as a zillion
references to be harmonized…  On the one hand, we were trying to apply
the principle that there is _one_ RIR community (not five conflicting
ones, which is not what the RFP asks for a response from) as well as
five RIRs that serve the five regions of the community, on the other
hand, there are a few places where it’s not clear that we’re speaking
only of the “RIR community” or what was previously referred to in a
dozen varieties of “Internet numbers community” “Internet addressing
community” “IP address community” et cetera.
> I’d hope that we can harmonize on “RIR community” relatively
uniformly, without being so dogmatic as to lose any meaning when we’re
actually referring to a broader constituency.
>                                 -Bill
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