[CRISP-TEAM] IV.A "no changes" is inaccurate

Alan Barrett apb at cequrux.com
Wed Jan 14 08:20:38 CET 2015

Section IV.A says:

    The shift from the existing contractual arrangement to another
    contractual arrangement (perhaps relying on a set of distinct
    contracts) covering the IANA functions operator’s ongoing
    management of all the IANA functions should result in no
    operational change for management of the global Internet
    number resource pools. This will help minimize any operational
    or continuity risks associated with stewardship transition.


    The necessary agreement proposed for IANA Numbering Services
    Operator for the IANA Number Registries can be established
    well before the NTIA target date for transition (September
    2015), as there are no changes to existing service levels
    or reporting that are being proposed, only a change in
    contracting party to align with the delegated policy

I think that the "no operational change" in the first paragraph 
quoted above is accurate, but the "no changes" in the second 
quoted paragraph (the last paragraph of the section) is 

I think that there will be changes to the service level agreement 
as we move from an SLA with the NTIA, to an SLA with the RIRs; and 
there will be changes to reporting as we move from reporting to 
the NTIA, to reporting to the RIRs.

I propose to say "no significant changes" instead of "no changes" 
in the last paragraph.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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