[CRISP-TEAM] Move description of RIRs, NRO, and NRO EC to section I.A

Paul Rendek rendek at ripe.net
Tue Jan 13 11:58:59 CET 2015

Hi Alan,

These changes make good sense to me. It is better to have this expalined
right from the start. Nicely spotted


On 1/13/15 10:04 AM, Alan Barrett wrote:
> There are a few places in the document where something about the RIRs,
> the NRO, or the NRO EC, is explained parenthetically.  I propose to move
> those descriptions to section I.A.  I identified three things in this
> category:
> 1. The RIRs are not-for-profit membership associations with elected
> governance boards.
> This is currently mentioned in II.B.3.i.  I propose to remove it from
> there, and add it to I.A.
> 2. The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is a coordinating mechanism of
> the RIRs to act collectively on matters relating to the interests of the
> RIRs, established by an MoU between the RIRs.
> This is currently mentioned in II.A.3.  I propose to leave it there, and
> also add it to I.A.
> 3. The NRO Executive Council (NRO EC) is made up of appointed
> representative of each RIR, normally the CEOs.
> This is currently mentioned in IV.A.  I propose to remove it from there,
> and add it to I.A.
> I attach a redline document incorporating thses changes, and the other
> changes from "NRO EC" to "RIRs" that I mentioned in an earlier message.
> --apb (Alan Barrett)
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