[CRISP-TEAM] Timeline and work towards the ICG submission

Izumi Okutani izumi at nic.ad.jp
Tue Jan 13 09:51:10 CET 2015


This is a draft timeline and our steps to work before the ICG Submission.

This is just as a starting point of discussions and your feedback is
welcome. I would like to dicuss and confirm at the coming 12th call.

 - The target submissions date is tentative, considering to have calls
   as the key point in confirming updates
   (It is set early to be safe but can be moved behind)
 - For the process for the final version, I am suggesting process to
   avoid the confusion we had for the second draft but happy to hear
   any other suggestions.
 - I have tentatively added time to give people ideas but haven't
   consider the time zone issues and open to suggestions on this.

In addition, a volunteer is needed in updating the issues list to
reflect updates since the second draft.

Work items:

1. Draft final proposal
   a.  editorial version
   b.  reflect substantial changes

2. Update issue status list
   - incorporate updates since the second draft
   [## Volunteer needed ##]

3. Upload materials on the NRO website
   - editorial version of the second draft
     (clean & redline)
   - final proposal
     (clean & redline)
   - issue status list

4. Submission to the ICG
   - icg-proposal at icann.org
   - No time specified except (can we assume 1/15 UTC23:59? )

5. Announcement to the IANAXFER list
   - Completion of our submission
   - Share issues status list to confirm how commnets are reflected
   - Welcome endorsement on the list for the final version to
     be viewed by the ICG
     (has been discussed and agreed by the CRISP Team but double check)
   - Share next steps in the ICG process

   [Also to be posted on the NRO CRISP website]

6. Share with the IETF and Names community
   - an an update that we have completed the submission

Draft Timeline [Editorial Version of the second draft]
# Timing to be confirmed at the 11th call#

1. Confirm a list of editorial suggestions to be incorporated
   - Sent by Izumi "Editorial suggestions"

2. Incorporate Editorial suggestions (Alan, Bill and Michael)
    - A single document to be sent out from Michael
    - Izumi to send out draft announcement
      (if seperate annnoucement needed from the final version)

3. Feedback from the CRISP Team
   - Ensure all editorical suggestions are incorporated
   - Hear feedback to the announcement, if any

4. Incorporate feedback and final call for editorial version (Michael)
   - Reflect feedback for the annoucement (Izumi)

5. The CRISP Team to give final comments

6. Fix the editorial version for the second draft
   - Michael to share the final editorial version
   - Izumi to fix the draft announcement
    (Give us time to discuss at 13th call if needed)
   [Before UTC 15:00 14th Jan]

7. Izumi to make the final check of the draft proposal
   [Before UTC 16:00 14th Jan]

8. Publish on the NRO Website
   [Before UTC 16:30 14th Jan]

9. Announce to the IANAXFER list?
   (Together with the final version or seperately?)

Draft Timeline [Final Version]
Note: Time is tentative, and to be consulted with volunteers
I haven't considered time zone issues for people to work.

1. Volunteers to send text suggestions
   - Andrei: Dispute resolution
   - Izumi : Review Commitee (Done)
             Contract Fee    (Done)
   - Any additional issues

  [Before UTC16:00 13th Jan]

2. Feedback from CRISP Team members about the text suggestions
    [Before UTC10:00 14th Jan]

    Discuss pending issues at 13th call UTC13:00 14th Jan.

3. CRISP Team members responsible for each section work on reflecting
   Send the reflected changes to Michael [Before UTC2:00 15th Jan]

     - Incorporating suggested text must be based on editorial version
       of the second draft.
     - sort out any controversial points if needed.
     - send suggested text changes per section to the CRISP Team ML
       (comment should be made to the text sent from CRISP Team members
       responsible for each section, listed in 3.)
     - This is to minimize last minutes confusions about which text
       to incorporate when multiple suggestions

    Who has worked for each section for the second draft:
    For Sections with no specific volunteer would Michael be able to

    I: ?
    IIIA1 Continue the existing operator: ?
    IIIA2 IPR: Andrei
    IIIA3 SLA: Paul and Nurani
    IIIA4 Review Commitee: Alan
    IV: ?
    V:  Nurani
    VI: Nurani

        [Before UTC16:00 14th Jan]

4. Michael to incorporate comments for each section into a single draft
       [Initial incorpoorated draft: Share before UTC21:00 14th Jan]
       [2nd incorporated draft     : Share before UTC03:00 14th Jan]
       [Final comment: before UTC09:00 15th Jan]

7. Final version sent from Michael
      [Before UTC13:00 15th Jan]
       - Discusss at 14th Call at UTC13:00 15th Jan for outstanding

      NRO Secretariat to share the URLs (for the announcment)
      [Before UTC17:00 ] 15th Jan

     # This gives us buffer in case of unexpected issues

8. Submission to the ICG & announcement
    a. Sent to "icg-proposal at icann.org" from Izumi
       [Before UTC18:00 15th Jan]
    b. Make announcement to the IANAXFER list
       [Around  UTC18:00 15th Jan]



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